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My Go-To Palettes

HAPPY SUNDAY BEAUTIES!  I took a break from doing my makeup now that school has started and I have to get up so early, but I have been doing my makeup on the weekends now that I have football games starting since I coach.  Anyways, here are my go-to palettes.  Not just eyeshadow palettes, but anything with the face.  Here we go….

Urban Decay – Naked 2 Palette
I love this pallete.  It retails for $54 at Sephora.  If you’ve never used any of the Naked palettes before, they are amazing and very pigmented.  I go for the more gold/bronze colors because they go really well with my skin tone.  Go to colors are Snakebite, Chopper, Half Baked, and Foxy.

Lorac Pro Palette
This palette never fails me either.  This palette has eight matte colors and eight shimmer colors.  Matte is on the top and shimmer on the bottom.  I usually go for shimmer, but if I want something simple, I just use the matte colors on the top.  There are neutral colors so it works for a simple look.  This retails for $44 and I think you can only get it at Ulta now.  It’s no longer at Sephora.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette
My favorite contour palette.  I like it better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.  I do want to try her creme one though.  I’m surprised I haven’t hit pan on this palette yet, it’ll be a bittersweet moment when I do.  This is the holy grail right now.  I haven’t used the far color on the right, at the top.  It looks like it’s more pinky for my skin tone, but I’ll try it and I’ll have to let you guys know.  You can get this at Sephora and it retails for $49.  I probably haven’t hit pan yet because you get more product with this palette since they’re squares and not circular like the Anastasia one.

Tarte – Rainforest of the Sea Highlight Palette
Another holy grail.  I am in love with this highlighter palette.  It definitely has a pop to it!  The color on the left is Sunlight and the highlight on the left is Moonlight, and the middle is a matte Sand.  I usually use Sunlight for day light and Moonlight when I’m going out at night, but you can always switch it up, obviously.  I use the Sand to kind of set everything, mostly around my forehead and nose area.  I think you’ll have to get this on eBay or Amazon now.  It retails for $44.

That’s all for now.  I’ll have to experiment with a lot more of my other palettes.  I’m hoping to use more color.  Hope this helps!

XO beauties.

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How I Contour

Let’s go to war! 



MAC’s prep & prime

Elizabeth Arden foundation

NYX’s new sculpt & highlight in the color Almond

NYX Born to Glow Illuminator: Sunbeam


Foundation brush


Contour brush

Duo fiber

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Swatch it!

 The first picture is the Illuminator.  The one on the left is the gold one and the one on the right is the one in Sunbeam.  Love both of the colors.  On my last post, I mixed my gold illuminate with my foundation and the picture is on there.

The second picture are swatches of the eyeshadows.  The first two are matte and the bottom two are baked.  Today is the last night Ulta is running their 20% off your entire purchase so if you haven’t looked at anything yet, go check it out!

Have a safe Saturday beauties!

XO ?

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Because makeup

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I just posted this, this morning!  Of course an Ulta haul!  You guys saw the gold illuminator yesterday on my face.  I’m actually going to try using it later this evening without mixing it with foundation.  Everything else, I will swatch tonight for a post tomorrow!  I got light and dark brown matte eyeshadow a because I’ve been looking for one to do a simple every day makeup look…and then the two at the top are baked shadows and I’ve been trying to find a wine color or burgundy and finally found one!  Yes, all NYX products ❤️ for the first time, no lip products!  What has this world come to?!

I don’t know if you ladies know, but NYX just came out with a lot of new products, such as, several new colors for their soft matte lip Creme, but the colors I wanted (Dubai and Rome) were out of stock! 🙁  I will most likely order from the Ulta website.  I picked up their liquid contour kit which is the box next to the makeup pads and I got it in the color almond.  I’ll try and use this tonight and swatch it for the post tomorrow.

Enjoy beauties and happy hump day!

XO ?

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When you get that 20% off your entire purchase at Sephora ❤️

I got the Tarte bling it on blush palette. Get it now because this is limited edition for the holidays!  I wanted to try Too Faced’s Born This Way foundation and I’ll let you know how it is!  I’m in the color Warm Beige.  Bought two more Melted lipsticks in Marshmallow which is the one on top and then Chihuahua on bottom.  I bought another Grandiose mascara from Lancôme and a new scent by Marc Jacobs: Mod Noir.

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Kat Von D’s Shade & Light Contour Palette


Probably one of my best investments in a contour palette.  I’ve used Anastasia Beverly Hills, but Kat Von D is my favorite! It retails for $46 at Sephora & the colors are very pigmented. One swipe on a brush & you’re good to go.
Here are the swatches for each color.  She comes up with the best named for her products. It may look light on my arm, but trust me, I used subconscious, which is the darkest color & I had to blend it out so much because I didn’t know how pigmented it was until I put some on my face.

Enjoy beauties!

XO ?

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June & July Favorites!

I know, I know…it’s been a while!  I figured I would mix June and July favorites so here goes nothing.

  1. Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press
    Paul Mitchell
    This stuff is awesome!  Makes your hair smell good and soft!  It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s worth it.  It’s a hat protectant so I spray it on when my hair is wet.  It works really well. 🙂
  2. Maybelline Big Lash
    Maybelline Big Lash
    So this has a double end.  The bigger wand is for the top lashes and the smaller wand is for the bottom lashes.  Maybelline does not disappoint when it comes to their products.  This works really well and it was for $7-$8.  Obviously had to try a new mascara.
  3. Colourpop: Grind & Toucan
    Colourpop Grind Colourpop Toucan
    I watched these on my arm when I received them in.  This color is awesome!  It’s very pigmented and lasts a very long time!  It lasted all night when I went out for a bachelorette party. Toucan is the second color and this is a gorgeous pink.  Bright and vibrant.  It is a really pretty color. Definitely the bang for your buck!  These were $5 each.
  4. Mask of Magnaminty
    Mask of Magnaminty
    This face mask is from Lush and it is one of my favorites!  First off it smells so good!  Smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream, makes me want to eat it, lol.  This makes you feel refreshed and awaken.  I’ll sometimes use it in the morning so the mint can wake me up.  I use it every so often to get all the gross stuff off my face after a long week!  This product is sort of high end.  It’s worth the price.  You can use it for your face and back.
  5. EOS lotion
    eos lotion
    This is $3 and you can get this about anywhere they sell eos.  I like this lotion because it’s very moisturizing and lasts a long time.  I use it for my hands for the most part, and it’s a really good travel size.
  6. Her Styler Hair Serum
    Her styler hair serum
    Another holy grail!  I bought two of these for $12 total on eBay.  I don’t know where they sell this in-store, but it’s a salon brand and if you get it on eBay, it’s definitely cheaper!  It makes your hair so smooth and shiny.  Forget the shine sprays you use, this tops all.  Use it on your hair after its dry and after you style it.  Smells great and worth it.

    Well, fellow followers, I apologize again for not updating frequently, but I have a surprise for you all tomorrow hopefully!  If time is on my side!

    Goodnight Beauties,

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so I decided to try these out!  They are only $5 a piece and if you spend $30, you get free shipping!


This is how they come packaged


The color is on the bottom, you can kinda see. Very cute and shiny, btw.


From top to bottom: Fiesta, Bossy, Addict, Wifey, Toucan, Fighter, Grind

Enjoy ladies! ?

I’m sure I will lip swatch them soon!