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Current Favorite Pick Ups
I went to Marshalls and picked up these two things.  The aqua makeup brush cleaning mat was only $6.  Sigma beauty sells a makeup brush cleaning mat, but I feel like it’s so expensive.  This was $6 and did the job.  It cleaned my brushes just fine 😊.

The other product I bought is a $2 fiber mascara (YES $2) that I am actually not allergic to!  It made me look like I had falsies on.  It is by Max Makeup Cherimoya.  I wish I had a picture!
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Makeup Revolution

makeup-revolutionMakeup Revolution Fortune Favors the Brave Ultra 30 Eyeshadow Palette.  Whew!  That’s a long name for it!  I just call it the Makeup Revolution Fortune, you’ll know what I mean (: It has 30 colors and half are matte and the others are shimmer.
makeup-revHere are the swatches up above and you can see these are all very pigmented and neutral colors for an every day, morning, or night time look! 🙂  You can purchase this palette here Makeup Revolution at Ulta. It retails for $15 and you can become a loyalty member at Ulta!  They also came out with a credit card for their store, which let’s you accumulate points faster and you get many benefits when you sign up for the reward program/credit card.

If you missed my post about my morning and night routine, you can check it out here Morning/Night Routine

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Favorite Fall Lipsticks

FALL IS HERE!  I’m so excited since this is my favorite season and birthday month! (September 8th) 🙂  Here are my favorite fall lipsticks for this season…

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme: Copenhagen
Retails for $6.  I usually get these at Ulta.  This color has more pink/red to it.


2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme: Translyvania
Also retails for $6.  Transylvania is a little more purple than Copenhagen so it is darker.

3. NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick: Vintage
(Not my picture)  This retails for $7.  It’s awesome finding drugstore brands for cheap and these are dupes for other high-end lip products.

4. Sephora Collection: Truth or Dare
I think this retails between $12-$16, but I love the color!  More pink in it, but it is a dark color.
Truth or Dare

5. Too Faced Melted: Berry
Retails for $21.  If any of you know, I want to collect all of the Melted products!  I have about 7 of them so far, and I love all of the colors! 🙂
Melted Berry


Too Faced Tuesday

 I’ve always been in love with Too Faced, but they really stepped up their line when they came out with matte lipsticks and the peanut butter jelly palette!  One, I bought this palette because I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!  For all the people who have peanut allergies, I’m so sorry!  But the good thing is on the back of the box it says “Don’t worry sweetie.  There were no peanuts used in this.”  Something along those lines.  I will swatch and post tomorrow, ladies!  This palette really smells like peanut butter though.

The next few things I bought were the matte lipsticks in the color “Sorry not Sorry” and “When in Doubt.”  I’ll have to search these tomorrow too.  Along with the Too Faced Sweethearts blush in “Peach Beach.”  Love this color if you want something subtle, but glowy.  Here’s how the lipstick looks like.

I’m all about packaging so this is very sleek.  The tube is all black with Too Faced embossed on it, and when you open it, it’s gold from the above picture. Can’t get anymore fancy with black and gold. Simple yet elegant.

Well, if you didn’t get a chance to catch my last post, here it is.
Milani Monday

XO beauties!

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Lancôme obsessions

Lancôme’s absolue powder in Absolue Golden.   Gives you a golden glow all around.  Retails for $58.  Macy’s was running a free gift with purchase so I decided to try Lancôme’s visionnaire & fell in love with the products!

They are both correcting creams.  The first one is the beauty sleep correcting gel.  It feels really smooth and good on your face & the second is the correcting cream.  Sometimes I’ll use both before I go to sleep.  I saw results within a week!  It’s awesome.  I know that skin care is expensive, but you should really think about investing in your health, especially your skin.  I’m 25 & didn’t think it was that important until I started having dark circles and it was getting worse.  These products actually helped!  I’ve tried so many products and this one actually works.

They actually have three different lines right now depending on what/how you want to take care of your skin.

Lancôme, you’ve done it again! ❤️

Happy hump day!

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So Morphe had a sale on their brushes and I HAD to get my hands on the 35O palette!  Picture of the palette tomorrow, for sure!  Can’t give all the surprises away!  I got a blending brush (MB13) and a delux fan brush (MB33). First impression of these brushes are that they are super soft!  I needed a great fan brush for my illuminator ? the Mary Kay stuff if a makeup eye remover which is one of my favorite removers and then I wanted to try their “Thinking of You” lotion.

Happy super bowl/Mardi Gras/Chinese New Years weekend!  Be safe y’all!

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How I Contour

Let’s go to war! 



MAC’s prep & prime

Elizabeth Arden foundation

NYX’s new sculpt & highlight in the color Almond

NYX Born to Glow Illuminator: Sunbeam


Foundation brush


Contour brush

Duo fiber

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Because makeup

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I just posted this, this morning!  Of course an Ulta haul!  You guys saw the gold illuminator yesterday on my face.  I’m actually going to try using it later this evening without mixing it with foundation.  Everything else, I will swatch tonight for a post tomorrow!  I got light and dark brown matte eyeshadow a because I’ve been looking for one to do a simple every day makeup look…and then the two at the top are baked shadows and I’ve been trying to find a wine color or burgundy and finally found one!  Yes, all NYX products ❤️ for the first time, no lip products!  What has this world come to?!

I don’t know if you ladies know, but NYX just came out with a lot of new products, such as, several new colors for their soft matte lip Creme, but the colors I wanted (Dubai and Rome) were out of stock! 🙁  I will most likely order from the Ulta website.  I picked up their liquid contour kit which is the box next to the makeup pads and I got it in the color almond.  I’ll try and use this tonight and swatch it for the post tomorrow.

Enjoy beauties and happy hump day!

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Glowy/dewy MOTD


So I wanted to try NYX’s illuminator born to glow, and this stuff is amazing.  I have an Ulta haul to show you ladies, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.  I did get the illuminator when I went to Ulta though.  The color is in gold.  I wanted to try mixing a pinch of this with my foundation to get the result of glowy or dewy skin.  A pinch of this goes a long way!  I really like the feel and color of this so I hope you guys have a chance to try it out!  I also would like to use the illuminator by itself so I’ll put up a post about that whenever I try it out!

Face: MAC prep + prime, MAC prolong wear foundation, and NYX illuminator born to glow

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