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I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been in a slump lately.  Hoping this will get me out of it now that I have time to dedicate to blog.  I’m hoping for a post 2 or 3 times a week!  Going for 3 times a week.  I haven’t done a “Favorites” post in sooooooo long so here we go!

  1. Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation
    Arbonne FoundationThis is my favorite foundation!  It is weightless and 100% vegan!  It doesn’t irritate my skin at all.  I can wear it from morning to night and not feel a thing.  With other foundations, it would irritate my skin by the end of the day, but this one does not make me feel like I’m wearing makeup.  I am in the color neutral beige, but I usually have to buy another one because I get super tan in the summer.  It is literally the best foundation I have ever used.  You can order your foundation here!

    2. Arbonne Makeup Primer
    Arbonne Primer
    Best makeup primer ever!  It is not oily and works like it needs to!  For those who don’t know, the Arbonne brand is pure, safe, and beneficial.  There are no dyes, no parabens, no animal products, etc.  As we are all getting older please be careful what you are putting on your skin.  26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream.

    3. Arbonne the Real Conceal
    Arbonne Concealer
    Love this concealer!  Just like the foundation, it is light weight.  Arbonne has seven different shades and they match perfectly, and just like the foundation, I will have to get two different colors because of the summer time.

    4. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette
    Rainforest of the Sea
    As you all know, I have a problem and I love neutral palettes.  😀  I can’t help it!  It is very pigmented though.  I love this palette!  Tarte has stepped up their game when they created the Rain Forest of the Sea line.  I feel like the pink and purple are like mermaid colors, I love these colors and they are all shimmer!  I got this from Sephora, and it retails for $36.

    5. Milani’s Matte Lip Creme (Adorable)
    Amour Matte lip creme
    Probably the perfect nude lip.  It is also the dupe for Kylie’s Candy K lip color.  I think this retails for $6-$8 vs. Kylie Cosmetics $29.  I love this color and wear it all the time.  Definitely check out more colors from Milani.

    6. NYX HD Finishing Powder
    NYX setting powder
    HOLY GRAIL.  The only finishing powder I use.  For $10, that’s a steal!  The perfect makeup setter.  My makeup stays and is matte.  It doesn’t dry out my face.  I got this at Ulta, but you can also get it at Target or wherever they sell NYX products.  This is my favorite drugstore brand.

    Thank you all for reading!  I am making it my goal to blog three times a week so I will hold myself to that.  If you want, you can drop some ideas down below in the comments, and I will try my best to accommodate it!

    Happy Monday

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Hello all!  It’s been way too long!  I apologize, it’s been a little crazy, but I am finally on YouTube!  I went out of my comfort zone and filmed/edited my first video!  Please feel free to comment, rate, subscribe!  Also, let me know your feedback here, my social media, or even under my video.

Thank you for all of your support!

Please find the video here! —>>  lifemakeupbeauty

Have a great day, beauties!

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Got a Minute?

If you haven’t heard about this great device or even of this brand, you’re missing out!  So say yes to the Genius Ultra!  This high-tech tool makes your skincare products work smarter by helping to apply product more evenly!  You will see a difference all in a matter of minutes!

Learn more:

XO beauties!


Glow Kit!

It’s here!!!  I’ve jumped through a lot of hoops to try and get this Glow Kit, and I finally have it!!!!  It is sold out at Sephora online and in stores, it is not sold at Ulta either.  It retails for $40.  My favorite vlogger Nicole Guerriero finally got her dream come true and did a collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills!  She created her very own, beautiful glow kit with six shades!
The six shades are beautifully pigmented and she named them herself.  Here are swatches of them.  They are not only highlights, but you can use them as eyeshadows as well.
From top to bottom is: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Day Dream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter, and 143.  Kitty Kat is like a nude pink, Forever Young is a light nude color, Day Dream is a very bright pink, Forever Lit is obviously white and one of the best highlights for the cheeks and inner tear ducts, Glo Getter is a gold, and 143 is a bronze.

Get this while you can!

XO beauties

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Genius Ultra


Hello all!  It’s been way too long and I’ve been way too stressed.  I’ve had a lot of cheer related events going on and our season is still not over.  So to deal with the stress, I’ve been pampering myself with the Genius Ultra from Arbonne!

You can purchase the Genius Ultra by itself, but who wouldn’t want the products to go with it.  The three products that I received (Arbonne is running a special right now on this, until supplies last) is the firming neck cream, the serum, and lifting and contouring eye cream.

I wash my face with my Arbonne smoothing facial cleanser and then use the eye cream under my eyes.  I dot it all under my eye and use the Genius Ultra in circular motions to apply the cream.  Before I apply the eye cream, I use the serum since it makes my face firm.  I let it dry and let my skin absorb it and then I use the eye cream.  The eye cream delivers the appearance of a more lifted, awakened skin.  It tones the skin and restores a firmer look to the eye area.

Not only do you have to use the Genius Ultra with the eye cream, but with any of your moisturizers.  The device has three levels of warmth (yes, it warms up and makes your face feel awesome).  You’ll want to pat any remaining product on to your skin, do not rub.  After you are finished, you’ll want to clean the Genius Ultra with a soft cloth.

As for the neck cream, I use this before putting on any moisturizer.  This neck cream helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  It has become a favorite of mine.  The entire RE9 Advance set from Arbonne is what I’ve replaced my full morning and night routine with.

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XO beauties!

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Mini Haul

I had $50 to spend at Ulta so of course, I wanted to try some new products from NYX.  I have one product not pictured, which is the Honey Dew.  I’ve already used it and love it.  No, it is not sticky if you were thinking that 😄 I’ve also already tried the Totak Control foundation and I love that too.  It is a dropper foundation.  If you’ve tried MAC’s lightweight foundation, it’s just like that, but cheaper!  It retails for about $13.  It’s full coverage & it’s lightweight.  I feel like there’s nothing on my face when I have it on.

I haven’t tried the illuminator stick yet, but it’s such a great copper color.  Here is a swatch below:

I wanted to try their eyebrow wand.  Ive never done my eyebrows before so thought I would give this a whirl.  The best thing I bought is the Tarteist Pro To Go.  The colors are gorgeous and I will be creating a Valentine’s Day look with this palette!

I LOVE THESE COLORS!  This little palette retails for about $23.  My favorite color is the gold in the middle and the shiner color on the very bottom.  I like all of these colors though.  Everyday and night look ❤️

XO beauties 💕

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Makeup Forever

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (:

Sorry for the hiatus, but I was sick for about a week and that never happens.  I’m only usually sick for about one or two days.  It happened New Years Eve night and it turned into a never ending cold.  Thankfully it’s over!

I have quite some gifts I want to show you all and talk about, but that is for a couple days later this week.  I actually have quite a few products to write about so just stay tuned and sit tight.


I purchased this back in December when I was Christmas shopping for one of my friends, and came across this beautiful palette.  It is Makeup Forever Artist Shadow Palette Volume 1.  Yes, super long name.  I love all of the colors, and it is one of my favorite nude palettes.  I have a problem with purchasing nude palettes because they are all different to me.  The colors are not the same as the one in Lorac Pro’s palette or the Naked 2 Palette.  This palette retails for $44 at Sephora.  Swatches below.
mkaeup-forever-swatch*(Disclaimer: This picture does not belong to me).

The colors are gorgeous (:  They are all very pigmented.  It is perfect for day time and night time looks and if you wanted to create a smokey eye.

In the first picture above, I also have a beauty blender pictured.  Okay, I know I’m super late in the beauty blender game.  I couldn’t justify spending $20 on one, but I finally bought one, and OMG, LIFE CHANGING!  Literally, for all my beauty blender lovers out there, I know why you love this so much!  For me, I don’t have to use a lot of product because the blender is really good at distributing my foundation all over my face.  I started out using a blender from Ulta and you can definitely tell the difference.  I like my real techniques beauty blender from Ulta, and I still have it because I like the shape of it and it gets/blends under my eye really well, but using the actually beauty blender brand does wonders.  The beauty blender retails between $20-$25 depending on which one you want to get.  You can purchase one at Sephora.

Well, that’s all for today, hope you enjoyed this and please leave any questions or comments below. (:



Friday Feature!

A r b o n n e !
Pure, Safe, Beneficial


If you haven’t heard of Arbonne, you definitely need to check it out!  I finally found a beauty line, I love and works!  Here are some products you need for Christmas/New Year! 🙂

1. Peppermint Foot Cream
I won this product at an Arbonne event, just the tube of lotion though.  It says what it’s supposed to do.  I mainly put it on the heels of my foot.  The  other round container is the foot scrub.  I don’t have it, but I will be purchasing soon!

2. Seasource Detox Spa
This is a green mud mask.  I use this once a week and it feels so good when you put it on.  Everyone needs a deep cleanser at least once a week.  Depending on how much I’m doing through out the week, I’ll use it in the middle of the week as well.  Especially if I’m putting on makeup often.  You can also use this face mask on your body.  You leave it on your face for 10 minutes, and if you use it for your arms or legs or other parts, then you leave it on for about 20-30 minutes.

3. Exfoliating Cell Scrub

This product I use once a week as well, especially during the winter time.  This and the next two skin care products I’ll be showing will be great if you have dry or very dry skin.  It gets all of the dead skin off of your face!

4. Smoothing Facial Cleanser
After using this and washing it off your face, your face feels SOOOO good and smooth!  It’s like you don’t even need moisturizer, but always moisturize!  I like to put some of this on my clarisonic, and it is foamy so it cleans your face pretty well.  Every morning, I will use this and this is now my new morning routine.

5. Day Cream with SPF 15
I always use a moisturizer with a SPF.  It is good to use a day cream that has a SPF just in case.  With this moisturizer, a lot goes a long way!  I only use one pump and it covers my face.  My face doesn’t get dry at all during the day.  It lasts all day!

6. Hair Mask
I use this after shampooing and I love the hair mask!  I leave it in my hair for a good 5 minutes and then wash it out.  After I wash it out, I’ll use my conditioner.  This hair mask repairs your ends and damaged hair.  There is another hair mask in a purple jar for colored hair or if you’ve colored your hair.  I have not tried it.  This mask is light weight and easy to wash out.  It leaves my hair light as well after it gets washed out.

7. Hair SerumThis is my HOLY GRAIL!  I have not found a better hair serum than this.  It goes on wet hair, dry hair, etc.  This is the best hair serum, ever!  I promise you, if this is the only product you get, this is the one!  It’s very light weight, smells really good, and it also works as a heat protectant.  I use it after I wash my hair, and I blow dry it…oh my goodness, makes my hair soft and shiny.  I put it on my ends when my hair was dry, and I instantly saw results in my hair.  You will never buy another hair serum again after trying this. <3

8. Tahitian Coconut Lip Scrub & Balm
Love this!  The scrub is very soft even though it’s a scrub.  Don’t eat it!  Haha, it smells delicious!  This gets dry skin off the lips and feels so good. Even the scrub is moisturizing.  I obviously use the lip balm after the scrub.  The balm lasts more than half the day for me.  I mean, it depends on how much you’re outside and how cold it is wherever you are living or traveling.  This is also one of my favorite products.

9. Hand scrub and Hand Creme

The hand scrub is the first picture and you actually get a lot.  It comes with the scoop too.  This stuff smells great and the scrub is also already moisturizing after you wash it.  Literally, escape dry winter hands with both of these products.  The hand creme is used after the scrub to enhance the outcome, of course.  I use this at least once every two weeks or so.  It feels great and the scent is refreshing.

Here is how you can get 20% off every time you shop!
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Thank you all and Happy Holidays!


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Get to Know Me!

Since it’s 12 degrees here in Missouri, I figured I would do a “Get to Know Me” post.  I’ve been blogging for a little over two years now so here are some questions I’ll answer.

1. Describe your blog in a few words – Witty, feisty, beauty, and fun
2. What was your favorite subject in school? English.  Everyone hated English, but I loved it.  I love writing and still do :-)3. What is your favorite drink? I’m a big Coke fan if I drink soda.  If I don’t drink soda…I would say water or chai tea or latte.  Sorry, I have a few.  If it’s an alcoholic drink, Crown & Coke, please.  Yes, I’m legal everyone.  26 to be exact.
4. What is your favorite song at the moment? This is always a hard question, but anything by Tori Kelly <3 I LOVEEEE HER!
5. What is your favorite food? I love food, but I am a deep down Italian.  I love pasta.  Fettuccine Alfredo (:
6. What is the last thing you bought?  I think it was my business site: Please check it out!  I’m doing the 30 day fitness challenge if anyone else wants to join me/my team!
7. Favorite book of all time?  Hands down, To Kill A Mockingbird!  I love this book and movie.
8. Do you have any pets? No pets over here.  I was in middle school and got a fish…it died the same day I got it, four hours later.  Sad day.
9. Favorite perfume?  Currently, Michael Kors Radiant Rose Gold
10. Have you ever been out of the country?  Well, I was born out of the country (Vietnam), but I haven’t been back ever since I moved to the States.  It’s on my bucket list.
11. Do you speak any other language?  Yes, Chinese, a little bit of Cantonese, and some Spanish.
12. How many siblings do you have?  I have two.  One brother and one sister, I am the youngest.
13. Where do you like to shop?  Sephora and Ulta for makeup, sometimes Mac, but for clothes: H&M, Express, The Limited, New York and Company, Nike (I love my shoes).
14. Favorite restaurant?  I loveeee Red Robin, Yummm!  Who doesn’t like bottomless fries! (:
15. When was the last time you cried?  I don’t know.  I barely cry.  Takes a lot for me to shed some tears.
16. Favorite blog? Oh man, I have too many!  I can’t choose!
17. Favorite movie? Unleashed with Jet Li and Aaliyah.
18. Favorite TV shows? Criminal Minds, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Empire
19. PC or Mac?  Mac
20. How tall are you?  I am 5’4″
21. What phone do you have?  iPhone 6s
22. Can you cook?  Yes, I can 🙂  I love food.  I love to cook as much as I love to eat.
23. What do you like to do for fun?  I like hanging out with friends, going out to eat with people, shopping, watching movies, I love football and basketball, and I like going to the gym.

Well, ladies and gents, here you have it.  Anything else, just ask!  Maybe I can do another one of these down the road.