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Got a Minute?

If you haven’t heard about this great device or even of this brand, you’re missing out!  So say yes to the Genius Ultra!  This high-tech tool makes your skincare products work smarter by helping to apply product more evenly!  You will see a difference all in a matter of minutes!

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XO beauties!

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It works

I’m looking for 5 people that are willing to be a product tester model for me for 3 months using my discount!
Pick a number and comment below!
1. A mom, or mom to be who wants to get rid of stretch marks
2. Someone who wants to lose 15+lbs in three months
3. Someone who wants to grow their hair out, has thin hair, or weak/dull hair
4. Someone who wants help focusing and managing stress
5. Someone who eats unhealthy and doesn’t want to gain weight
6. Someone who wants to diminish cellulite
7. Someone who has acne and wants to clear their skin
8. Someone who wants to get rid of fine lines and puffiness under their eyes
9. Someone who wants smooth, glowing skin
10. Someone who doesn’t sleep well through the night, but would like to
11. Someone who doesn’t eat enough fruits and veggies daily
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A day off

Sometimes you just need a day off, a day to yourself, a day to relax.  Today is that day for me.  I wanted to invest in myself and in my health to just chill and not have to worry about work.  Everyone deserves a day off at one point or another.

What do you beauties do to relax or what do you do on an off day?