Tarte Thursday

I just went to Ulta and picked up a couple things. ¬†I was only supposed to go get my favorite hair spray, but they stopped carrying it…sad day ūüėē ¬†Instead, I found a new palette and I’ve always wanted the rose gold eyeliner from Tarte. ¬†The eyeliner is the Tartist Pro glitter liner and it retails for $24. ¬†The palette is called “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream.” ¬†It retails for $29. ¬†I will do a look with these two products this weekend and post it either Sunday or Monday. ¬†I will be at cheer camp this weekend and won’t be home until about 3:30-4 on Father’s Day. ¬†Here a couple of pictures!

Happy Thursday all! ¬†I’m hoping to have a new YouTube video soon!


Arbonne, beauty


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been in a slump lately.¬† Hoping this will get me out of it now that I have time to dedicate to blog.¬† I’m hoping for a post 2 or 3 times a week!¬† Going for 3 times a week.¬† I haven’t done a “Favorites” post in sooooooo long so here we go!

  1. Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation
    Arbonne FoundationThis is my favorite foundation!¬† It is weightless and 100% vegan!¬† It doesn’t irritate my skin at all.¬† I can wear it from morning to night and not feel a thing.¬† With other foundations, it would irritate my skin by the end of the day, but this one does not make me feel like I’m wearing makeup.¬† I am in the color neutral beige, but I usually have to buy another one because I get super tan in the summer.¬† It is literally the best foundation I have ever used.¬† You can order your foundation here!

    2. Arbonne Makeup Primer
    Arbonne Primer
    Best makeup primer ever!¬† It is not oily and works like it needs to!¬† For those who don’t know, the Arbonne brand is pure, safe, and beneficial.¬† There are no dyes, no parabens, no animal products, etc.¬† As we are all getting older please be careful what you are putting on your skin.¬† 26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream.

    3. Arbonne the Real Conceal
    Arbonne Concealer
    Love this concealer!  Just like the foundation, it is light weight.  Arbonne has seven different shades and they match perfectly, and just like the foundation, I will have to get two different colors because of the summer time.

    4. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette
    Rainforest of the Sea
    As you all know, I have a problem and I love neutral palettes.¬† ūüėĬ† I can’t help it!¬† It is very pigmented though.¬† I love this palette!¬† Tarte has stepped up their game when they created the Rain Forest of the Sea line.¬† I feel like the pink and purple are like mermaid colors, I love these colors and they are all shimmer!¬† I got this from Sephora, and it retails for $36.

    5. Milani’s Matte Lip Creme (Adorable)
    Amour Matte lip creme
    Probably the perfect nude lip.¬† It is also the dupe for Kylie’s Candy K lip color.¬† I think this retails for $6-$8 vs. Kylie Cosmetics $29.¬† I love this color and wear it all the time.¬† Definitely check out more colors from Milani.

    6. NYX HD Finishing Powder
    NYX setting powder
    HOLY GRAIL.¬† The only finishing powder I use.¬† For $10, that’s a steal!¬† The perfect makeup setter.¬† My makeup stays and is matte.¬† It doesn’t dry out my face.¬† I got this at Ulta, but you can also get it at Target or wherever they sell NYX products.¬† This is my favorite drugstore brand.

    Thank you all for reading!  I am making it my goal to blog three times a week so I will hold myself to that.  If you want, you can drop some ideas down below in the comments, and I will try my best to accommodate it!

    Happy Monday


Glow Kit!

It’s here!!! ¬†I’ve jumped through a lot of hoops to try and get this Glow Kit, and I finally have it!!!! ¬†It is sold out at Sephora online and in stores, it is not sold at Ulta either. ¬†It retails for $40. ¬†My favorite vlogger Nicole Guerriero finally got her dream come true and did a collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills! ¬†She created her very own, beautiful glow kit with six shades!
The six shades are beautifully pigmented and she named them herself.  Here are swatches of them.  They are not only highlights, but you can use them as eyeshadows as well.
From top to bottom is: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Day Dream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter, and 143.  Kitty Kat is like a nude pink, Forever Young is a light nude color, Day Dream is a very bright pink, Forever Lit is obviously white and one of the best highlights for the cheeks and inner tear ducts, Glo Getter is a gold, and 143 is a bronze.

Get this while you can!

XO beauties

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Estee Edit Makeup

estee-editIf you haven’t yet, you definitely need to purchase these two palettes that comes in a package! ¬†It is Estee Edit’s eyeshadow palette and highlighting palette for $58. ¬†I bought mine at Sephora when I had my 20% off VIB coupon. ¬†Depending on what your beauty insider membership status is, it ranges from 10%-25% off. ¬†These coupons come out in November and April so it’s about the two times you want to stock up on all of your makeup. ¬†The black palette color names from left to right, top to bottom is: Swerve, Riff, Burn, Wavy, Mood, and Trip. ¬†For the silver highlighter palette color names from left to right, top to bottom is: Snowlit, 14K Glow, 1st Light, Gleam, Ray, and Beachy. ¬†These are very pigmented and gorgeous. ¬†I did a makeup look with both of these palettes.


estee-edit-look-3The smokey eye I created, I used the black from my Urban Decay Basics palette, and that was it. ¬†Then I used Swerve (gold shadow) on my lid, and Riff for my inner tear ducts. ¬†For foundation, I used Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation. ¬†I have heard people raving about it, and I finally bought it and tested it out for myself. ¬†It is now my new favorite foundation, and a lot of foundations do not work for my skin. ¬†I am in the color 6.0. ¬†It lasted all day on me. ¬†It’s great on coverage and it’s lightweight. ¬†It retails for $40. ¬†<3 You need this in your life!
As for the lip color, I purchased a few new matte lip colors form Colourpop. ¬†Pictured below. ¬†These were all $6. ¬†That’s what I love about Colourpop, they’re inexpensive, but work great! ¬†Love Bug is currently ¬†my go-to lip color. ¬†You can see the swatch here or the picture above with the snapchat filter. ¬†I have yet to try Viper and Are & Be. ¬†Viper is more pinky and Are & Be is more of a deep purple with little pink. ¬†Love Bug is almost like a red orange with a hint of brown. ¬†That is probably why I love it so much because it goes very well with my skin tone.
colourpopI hope you have enjoyed this post and this look! ¬†I have a new project I’m working on that will be launching in about two weeks! ¬†Stay tuned beauties!



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So Morphe had a sale on their brushes and I HAD to get my hands on the 35O palette!  Picture of the palette tomorrow, for sure!  Can’t give all the surprises away!  I got a blending brush (MB13) and a delux fan brush (MB33). First impression of these brushes are that they are super soft!  I needed a great fan brush for my illuminator ? the Mary Kay stuff if a makeup eye remover which is one of my favorite removers and then I wanted to try their “Thinking of You” lotion.

Happy super bowl/Mardi Gras/Chinese New Years weekend!  Be safe y’all!

XO ?

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How I Contour

Let’s go to war! 



MAC’s prep & prime

Elizabeth Arden foundation

NYX’s new sculpt & highlight in the color Almond

NYX Born to Glow Illuminator: Sunbeam


Foundation brush


Contour brush

Duo fiber

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Swatch it!

 The first picture is the Illuminator.  The one on the left is the gold one and the one on the right is the one in Sunbeam.  Love both of the colors.  On my last post, I mixed my gold illuminate with my foundation and the picture is on there.

The second picture are swatches of the eyeshadows.  The first two are matte and the bottom two are baked.  Today is the last night Ulta is running their 20% off your entire purchase so if you haven’t looked at anything yet, go check it out!

Have a safe Saturday beauties!

XO ?

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Because makeup

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I just posted this, this morning!  Of course an Ulta haul!  You guys saw the gold illuminator yesterday on my face.  I’m actually going to try using it later this evening without mixing it with foundation.  Everything else, I will swatch tonight for a post tomorrow!  I got light and dark brown matte eyeshadow a because I’ve been looking for one to do a simple every day makeup look…and then the two at the top are baked shadows and I’ve been trying to find a wine color or burgundy and finally found one!  Yes, all NYX products ‚̧ԳŹ for the first time, no lip products!  What has this world come to?!

I don’t know if you ladies know, but NYX just came out with a lot of new products, such as, several new colors for their soft matte lip Creme, but the colors I wanted (Dubai and Rome) were out of stock! ūüôĀ  I will most likely order from the Ulta website.  I picked up their liquid contour kit which is the box next to the makeup pads and I got it in the color almond.  I’ll try and use this tonight and swatch it for the post tomorrow.

Enjoy beauties and happy hump day!

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Glowy/dewy MOTD


So I wanted to try NYX’s illuminator born to glow, and this stuff is amazing.  I have an Ulta haul to show you ladies, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.  I did get the illuminator when I went to Ulta though.  The color is in gold.  I wanted to try mixing a pinch of this with my foundation to get the result of glowy or dewy skin.  A pinch of this goes a long way!  I really like the feel and color of this so I hope you guys have a chance to try it out!  I also would like to use the illuminator by itself so I’ll put up a post about that whenever I try it out!

Face: MAC prep + prime, MAC prolong wear foundation, and NYX illuminator born to glow

XO ?

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MAC Monday

Over the weekend, I wanted to try a new foundation & MAC’s prep & prime that everyone has been raving about!  I bought MAC’s prolong wear foundation & I really like it a lot!  It’s not their fullest coverage (I asked for the one down from full coverage) because I didn’t need the full.  I’m in the color NC35.  It felt light weight to me & the color matched really well.

As for the prep & prime, love everything about this!  The packaging is even cute.  The box, as you can see from the picture above is sparkly ? as for the product, it’s amazing!  My makeup stayed on long and if you like a dewy look, it’s really good for that type.  I only sprayed my face once because it is THAT functional.  It sprays out really well & you can even turn the top to lock and unlock.  Definitely invest in this!  It was only $22, less than the foundation.  I wish they had the different prep & prime sprays that smelled like rose or coconut…I believe, but this definitely works!  You can use it before you do your foundation routine and to set your makeup. ?

Happy Monday beauties 

XO ?